Bayesian Health is a passionate team of data scientists, clinical experts, and designers. We believe that the single largest opportunity to improve patient care is through applying machine learning to multi-layered clinical data sets.

Founded by one of machine learning’s pioneers, Dr. Suchi Saria, incubated at Johns Hopkins, and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Bayesian Health helps providers make patient-specific data-driven decisions in highly complex clinical areas. Through years of development and academic partnership, our AI-powered platform has delivered thousands of targeted clinical insights delivered through the EHR for the most at-risk patients.


We are an intensely passionate and hardworking group combining our experience in healthcare, machine learning, technology and product development to produce a game-changing offering. Individually, we have:

  • Founded a healthcare technology company that grew from $0 to $300M ARR in 6 years
  • Developed and deployed software across 1400+ healthcare facilities covering 20M+ lives and $12B in medical spend/year
  • Led a division of over 300, driving the majority of technology and engineering at one of the nation’s largest publishers
  • Published articles in leading scientific journals like Nature, Science, Critical Care Medicine, NeurIPS and ICML
  • Invented new engineering solutions that have actually saved lives

We are continuing to grow our team and if you are excited about working at the intersection of cutting-edge machine learning and healthcare, please contact us at: